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Senior vagy Junior Java / C++ fejlesztő

Munkavégzés helye: Budapest

Folyamatos munkára keresünk amerikai piacvezető informatikai céghez Senior vagy Junior Java / C++ fejlesztőket. A cég által fejlesztett 4000+ alkalmazás folyamatos karbantartása a feladat, így minél sokrétűbb tapasztalat ideális a munkakörhöz.


- Java és / vagy C++ nyelveken minimum 2 év fejlesztői tapasztalat
- Angol nyelvtudás (írásban és szóban), legalább középfokú szinten

- Operációs rendszer ismeretek: Linux és Windows
- Előny: PL/SQL tudás, Oracle DB programozás

Ami kínálunk:

- Folyamatos feladat

- Fejlődési lehetőség egy jól ismert multinacionális cégnél

- Versenyképes fizetés

- Korrekt, támogató csapat

Amennyiben ajánlatunk felkeltette érdeklődését, kérjük, küldjön egy angol nyelvű önéletrajzot a This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it címre.

Good to know: Vienna

It is good to know that...

- Apartment rent in Vienna is approximately 10 EUR / month / square meter in most districts in high quality flats. If you rent a 60 sqm apartment, it will cost you around 600 EUR / month.
- Austrian tax laws allow you to take home a higher percentage of your gross salary as in most CEE countries. If you earn EUR 70.000 gross a year, you take home 61% of it. You can also take advantage of several tax reduction possibilities for various reasons.
- You can refund a major part of your income tax in the first two years of settlement in Austria. Your home in Austria is considered as your second household, therefore all its costs (rent, utilities, home insurance, etc.), and also the costs of your trips to your hometown can be deducted from your tax base. If you earn EUR 70.000 gross per year, and have second household expenses amounting to EUR 12.000 per year, you get back approximately EUR 6800 as tax refund per year.
- Being employed in Austria means your family members are also entitled to medical insurance at no additional cost
- Working in Vienna does not mean you have to speak German. Many international companies have regional headquarters in Vienna, and usually English is the official language. Austrians are shy about their English but in the end almost everybody speaks English very well in shops, restaurants and at authorities.
- Vienna is a great place to live: it is ranked 1st on Mercer’s 2011 Quality of Living survey. See details here.

- According to OECD, Austria is highly placed on most of the topics examined in their Better Life Index. See details here. An overview of the scores and ranking of Austria is shown below:


- Sportspeople love Vienna, as it offers excellent sporting facitilities, a clean and fresh air, and excellent skiing resorts just an hour’s drive away from the city.
- A detailed and up-to-date guide is available for you from Utopiun about settling in Vienna that may come in handy when you do the paperwork or look for your perfect apartment or house.
- We at Utopiun can provide you with contacts to tax advisors, lawyers, real estate agents, banking and insurance related information to ease your settlement in Vienna.
- Utopiun – with its numerous years’ experience in Vienna – is happy to answer your specific questions.

Out value add

For you as a job candidate, finding a job through Utopiun has the following advantages:

- First interviews are possible to arrange over the phone or in your current town of residence.
- During the recruitment process, we provide you with all the information necessary to make a well-established decision. You'll learn from us about the taxation, the necessary paperwork, the price level in Austria, and how to find your dream home in your new country.
- We provide you with guidance once you got the job and decide to move to Austria.
- All the services we give are totally free of charge for you.


"Utopiun is the best recruiting company I've ever worked with. Not only that their services were very professional, but they also managed to get me a job that’’s really fulfilling, exciting and challenging. And the best part of it is that they got me a position in Vienna, thus helping me to start my international career and experience living in one of the best European cities.

I would certainly like to take this opportunity to thank Utopiun once again for all the support and help throughout the whole process.”

Kristina R., now based in Vienna as Account Consultant at an international banking group’s IT provider


“Moving to Vienna is much easier than I thought. After having signed the contract, I almost immediately got the work permit. My employer provided me with an apartment while I was looking for my final place. Life in Vienna is just perfect: the city is clean, well maintained, and not at all expensive compared to other major cities in Europe. Soon my family will also join me, and Vienna will provide my kids with excellent schooling and my whole family with an outstanding quality of life. Making the decision to move here was difficult but looking back now I can strongly recommend it to everyone!”

Istvan B., IT project manager in the banking industry


“Being the first candidate to be transferred to Vienna by Utopiun, I was truly amazed by the professional way this company works. Coping with all the challenges that I faced during the selection process and the first months afterwards was greatly assisted by the Utopiun team: I could start the negotiations on the position with my later employer from an elevated basis both on the field of future tasks and remuneration, besides, I received valuable information, hints and tips for the everday life in Vienna, as well. Though the work and life in Austria is somewhat better than in certain parts of Europe, it would have been much more difficult to adopt to the challenges of a foreign country and culture without Utopiun’s professional help.”

Peter H., project manager working for an international banking group based in Vienna